{30-in-30} a sad day, but a plan is born…

So, it all started for me when John and Sherry posted about making their new desktop. I started longing for a new desk.  A two person desk where the boy and I could park our computers.

young house love desk

And, then Mandi posted about her husband’s creation.

mandi's desk!

It is truly amazing, with pull out keyboard shelves and everything.  And, it was decided!  We need a new desk.  However, this is one of those moments that the boy and I looked at each other and did a quick count in our head of all the stuff we have on our list.

And, then I got a sad email!  My beloved ReBuild Warehouse lost their lease.  They are closing tomorrow.  The ReBuild Warehouse is amazing.  I have found a ton of really cool things including doors and cabinets there, and I feel awesome about supporting their company because they are a local, non-profit business that takes donated and reclaimed building materials.  They aren’t in it for the money, and their main goal is to keep all these items that can be reused out of the landfill!  And, for someone like me, who likes stuff a little crusty to start anyway, it is a perfect marriage.

The funny part is that we are borrowing my brother’s truck right now because he is on his honeymoon, and we steal his truck any chance we can get because we are usually trying to get something too large for our Explorer home.  So, we had already planned to run by ReBuild and Habitat ReStore to see if we could find the cabinets we needed for a little plan I have for our kitchen.  So, we knew it was meant to be, and we made sure to run by today.  While we were there, we didn’t find any cabinets that would work for my our kitchen plan, but we did spend extra time looking longingly at the large supply of reclaimed lumber they almost always have on hand.  This is wood with character that has come out of old houses.

Last night, while we were at Home Depot picking up a piece of plywood for part of a gift, I had dragged the boy over to the thick framing lumber and showed him the 2 x 10s I was interested in making our two person desk out of.  So, when we saw all the 2 x 10s at ReBuild, we started discussing the possibilities and coming up with a plan.  When one of the workers came over and talked to me about the price and we figured out that we could get six 2 x 10 x 14ft boards for $30, the decision was easy!  From Home Depot, the 2 x 10 x 14ft boards we got today would have been $13.22 a piece or $79.32 for a the six boards we got today.

So, the plans are in motion!  And, a 2 person desk look like it could be in our future!

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