{30-in-30} a start to daily december

So, last year, I decided to do 30-in-30 blog posts in November. So, when November arrived this year, I thought about it again. And, I decided that I would do it again this year, just thirty days later. I thought how fun it would be that in twelve years (if I can keep this up), I will have a month of each of our years. A little scary to think that my baby will be 14 by then. Crazy!

And, to help me out a little this year, I thought I would use the prompts from the Journal Your Christmas class I was a part of several years ago. Today’s prompt is about my Christmas Manifesto. And, I take that to be what I want Christmas and the journey towards it to look like this year. I have actually been thinking a lot about this already this year.

This is the first year that my little man might remember glimpses of Christmas. The first year that he might really get into the events and activities we could plan for him. But, this year, we might really have to work pretty hard to make sure we leave room in our days for the things that will make it most memorable for him.

Things will be particularly busy because we are planning to sell our house in a few months. And, we are going to try to build a home that’s closer to what we have always wanted. So, this year, while we are trying to get this house ready to sell and get the details of our new home all worked out, we will have to be more mindful than ever to make room for the Christmas spirit!

So, maybe that’s my manifesto for this year.

{santa graphic from Graphicsfairy}

I hope to share some of the ways we plan to do this throughout the month!

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