{30-in-30} plan for the month

Didn’t do such a hot job sticking with my 30-in-30 already, but I am not going to give myself too hard a time about and just do the best I can.

Today’s prompt was about deciding on a plan for the rest of the month up until Christmas. And, it couldn’t be more perfect for what I was thinking about most of the day.

Before the little man was born, December was usually clouded by a sprint to the end of the semester full of student conferences, grading, and lots of late nights. But, since then, I spend the first half of December thinking about getting ready for the little dude’s birthday and then Christmas sneaks up on me.

This year, I have a ton of ideas about things I would like to do to decorate the house for Christmas, but then we decided to pursue moving and building a house and my brain is full of house ideas and worrying about trying to get this deal to go through in a way that keeps us protected. The prospect of building a house is both amazingly awesome and scary at the same time. But, as my best good friend reminded me recently, taking risks means you are living.

So, tonight, instead of getting completely bogged down with all the stuff I have to do and being frustrated by what I want to be doing, which of course means they both cancel each other out and lead to not being able to get anything done, I decided to get started on one of the projects I have been wanting to do for the little man ever since I saw this.

I ordered the felt for the project a while ago, but I was held up a little trying to decide how I was going to attach the tree to the wall. I was at Ikea the other day and saw a frame that I think will work well, so I have a plan! And, tonight I got the tree ready to go.  Just need to sew it onto some burlap, and I will be one step closer to a finished project! I am pretty excited about how cute it will be.


Hopefully, I will continue to be able to squeeze in both the stuff I want to do and the stuff I have to do.

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