{30-in-30} a tentative yes

So, I think we might could, just maybe be building a house. We have a million different steps to take before we can get there, including getting this house ready to sell and on the market (which scares the ever-living snot out of me, by the way).  But, there are lots of aspects of this process that are scaring me, so I am really trying to put aside that fear and just go for it.

The yes we got was from the builder. He is interested and wants to move forward with buying the land.  But, wait, hold on, let me explain. The land we are interested adjoins my mother’s property.

It is the part in red.  It is about four acres, which we would only be buying half of.  Our spot would be roughly the interior shape. It is still a little overpriced, so that is hurdle number one, but it would put us in the right school district, closer to the hubby’s job, in the right county, etc.  And, we would be able to get what we wanted instead of living with someone’s plan for our home.

Every time I tentatively tell someone about it, the first question I get is “isn’t that really close to your mother?” or “I could never live that close to my parents.” And, it is something that the boy and I talked about for a long time. But, we already live just ten miles away or so, and see my mom quite a bit during the week, partially because she and I work together and partially because, well, she is my mom, and I love her.  Her living situation changed over the summer, for the better, and that means that she could use a little more help around her large property. So, being closer would be a way we would feel better about being able to help her.

So, here are all the steps that have to align in order for this all to work out (does it help them be less scary to get them down on paper?):

  1. Builder puts offer in on land with a 60 day study period.
  2. Offer is accepted by owners, and studying commences.
  3. Studies (soil, engineering, etc) all come back okay, and land closes.
  4. We get our house ready and put it on the market.
  5. We (quickly) get an acceptable offer that leaves us enough cash to do what we need to do.
  6. We move everything out of our house (haven’t had to do that without the Army in a really long time), and move into Mom’s house.  More than half of our stuff would go into storage, and the other half would go in with her.
  7. After our house closes, we would buy our portion of the land back from the builder.
  8. We would secure a construction loan.
  9. Finalize the details for the new house, get all necessary permits from the county, and start building, meanwhile saving every possible nickel and dime we can.
  10. We would get to watch our house be built step-by-step from next door, and, hopefully, by next Christmas, we would be in our new home!

Just ten “easy” steps! What could possible go wrong?  Famous last words.

I am just trying to keep my eye on number ten down there. That’s the energy I want to put out into the universe!

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