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:: My little man wandered into our room about an hour ago, said something incomprehensible, but it was clear I should follow.  I followed him back into his room, and he immediately crawled into bed.  I covered him up, and he went right back to sleep.  Now, I am wondering if I wake up Joe and get him to do the same for me, who will help Joe get back to sleep?

:: We are making some great progress on getting the house ready for us to move.  More trips to storage.  Most of the crafting stuff is over at Mom’s in much need of organization, but neatly nestled into her shop (certain amount of irony there). The front door has been painted, although the sidelights really need one more coat of white. I painted it a “Seal” from Martha Stewart mixed to Behr Ultra Exterior.  Don’t love how the paint went on, but trying to paint an exterior door in the middle of winter was a little crazy.  Hopefully the paint stays on until the house sells.

:: We also got the basement floor evened out a little.  It isn’t level, but the elevation changes (almost 2 inches in some spots) are much better now, and it shouldn’t be as noticeable under the new carpet.  The carpet installer is coming to measure today, so I am excited about that.  As soon as we can get that ordered and installed, then we can really start staging the basement.  And, it will mean a whole floor will be ready to go on the market.  That is a big deal for me.

:: It is weird trying to move with a little person.  I know that he senses the upheaval going on; we all do.  But, it is  it is quite obvious that he doesn’t know what to do about it, so he is just asking for lots of extra attention, which, of course, is really hard to do when you are still trying to work full time and get a house on the market. We are doing the best we can though, and he is super excited about moving the nana’s house.

:: The boy is off all week, so we are hoping to get lots done here.  On the list are the shelves in the hallway.  I need him to get them installed, so I can work on getting them finished (caulked, wood puttied, and painted). We are also going to work on trim stuff throughout the house and getting the doors on the laundry room closet.  I also hope to get the stupid shutters ordered/bought and painted, so we can put them back up on the next warm day. We took them down because they looked stupid, but we never got to make any of the changes we wanted to make that would help them not look quite as stupid, so up they go.

:: Cade has been doing something really cute lately.  He tells us that everything is “really cool” or “that’s pretty awesome, Mom!” It’s like I have my own little cheering squad when he isn’t screaming at me.  Conversations have been going something like this: “Mom, did you buy this for me? At the store?” When I say yes, that’s what I get the “I really like this, Mom!” I don’t know when I became just mom, and not mommy, but I am mourning it a little. I still get it every once in a while, but I am guessing it happened so quickly because the older kids at daycare call their parents mom and dad.  I am getting lots of “I love you’s” lately, so that’s pretty awesome! Wait, maybe that’s were that came from.

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