is this thing on….

So, something happened recently. I started leaving off my blog address when commenting on other people’s posts.  I think it stems from wondering why I was sending people here when I wasn’t posting anything about what I was doing.

I haven’t posted anything since February, and it isn’t that there isn’t anything going on with us. I mean since my last post, we have sold our house after finishing a ton of really cool projects, my little man is now closer to little boy than toddler, and we moved in with my mother. And, those are just the big things. There have been lots of little things I have been wanting to capture too.

Needless to say, we have a few things going on, but that doesn’t mean that I am ready to desert my little corner of the interwebs. Particularly since we are potentially about to embark on a pretty cool adventure building our house. So, I thought that I would start with this post talking about what I want from this space.

  1. A place to share what’s going on with our family for the few people that care to know.
  2. A place for me to share the crafty adventures and other DIY projects I decide to take on.  And, not just the ones that I deem cool enough to share. There is something to be said for capturing the stuff that doesn’t quite work out like I want it to too!
  3. A place for me to capture the smaller moments of our life that I miss out on in the hustle of everyday.

However to do this, that means that I will need to let go of some of my expectations about what posts will look like, how often I will be able to post, and that this space is for anyone else but me. This is a good start!

2 Responses to is this thing on….

  1. Randy says:

    I still totally come to stalk you:) I am glad you posted something! Hope to hear how the house building is going and how living with your mom is going too!

  2. Carol Russell says:

    I am looking forward to hearing about the house building. When we built ours, it was the highlight of my day to make all those decisions! Keep us posted.

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