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101 in 1001

A while ago, I saw this post by Ashley over on The Domestic Wannabee, and I loved the idea of setting a list of things I wanted to accomplish over a longer period of time.  But, I kept waiting for some magical day that would be significant to start.  And, it never happened.  I have been planning this glorious start for two years, and I think it’s just time to jump in.

Some of the things on my list are going to be big things, and some are smaller, but overall, these are the things I have running through my mental to-do or want-to-do list all the time.  This just seems like a great place to capture them. And, the coolest thing about revisiting this idea is that there were 10 things I crossed off the short list I had started.  Not perfect, but it definitely tells me that this is possible.

Part of my problem has always been with this idea is that I get started and get stalled around 35, not because I don’t have 101 things I would like to do, but because I have so many things jammed in my head all the time that they won’t get in line to come out into one list.  So, to fix that, I am giving myself today to get as many down as possible and post this sucker!  Then, as I come up with more things that should be added to my list, I will just add them until I get to 101!  Seems simple enough!


Start: June 12, 2012

End: March 10, 2015

My List:

  1. build our bed frame
  2. finish quilt for Cade
  3. finish the quilts for the wedding gifts I already owe
  4. remodel our bathroom
  5. work towards taking more pictures
  6. read all the stuff I have already about photography
  7. actually get rid of the scrapbooking stuff that isn’t working for me
  8. make a quilt for our family to keep
  9. finish all the baby quilts I have started
  10. take a fun trip with my family, not just to see other family
  11. have another baby (told you some were big)
  12. perfect my whoopie recipe (told you some were small!)
  13. get our family’s recipes down somewhere permanent
  14. make book of the old blog
  15. work towards getting things done on time
  16. create a cleaning schedule that actually works for our family
  17. make a piece of clothing for myself
  18. make cade a piece of clothing
  19. finish the artwork for cade’s room
  20. go on a girls’ adventure (overnight away from our kids!)
  21. go to an Army/Navy game
  22. remodel our basement
  23. remodel our upstairs closets to be something functional
  24. work to make the outside of our home as pretty as the inside is
  25. go on a date with the boy at least once a month
  26. keep working towards a healthier way to live
  27. get a new camera and learn how to really use it
  28. create a creative workspace for myself in our home
  29. take cade to the zoo
  30. take a family vacation to disney
  31. explore dc while we are living here
  32. meet new friends
  33. take the time to visit the old friends
  34. finish the bathroom in the basement
  35. learn to long arm quilt
  36. reframe all my mom’s old paint by numbers paintings (they are amazing!)
  37. replace our front door
  38. try 50 new recipes
  39. post to the blog more regularly
  40. do a better job of leveling out family time with work time
  41. join a CSA and learn to use all that I get (I’m halfway there with this one)
  42. stop using auto-mode on my big camera
  43. turn the instagram pictures into something cool
  44. get a puppy
  45. paint all the trim we have been replacing
  46. replace the trim in the master bedroom
  47. add a screen door to the back porch
  48. plant the horse trough garden
  49. find a good ottoman for the basement or make one
  50. finish the art for the gallery wall in our bedroom
  51. install the shelves in the upstairs hallway
  52. make a growth chart for the little man
  53. make a bulletin frame wall to show off my little man’s artwork
  54. build a two-person desk
  55. find an old crib to use for parts (inspiration board and drying rack)
  56. make a wall shelf for our bathroom
  57. reupholster the new barrel chairs
  58. get rid of all old furniture taking up space
  59. make a bench for the dining room
  60. make concrete stepping stones for the side walkway
  61. get new area rugs for our room
  62. paint the guest bedroom
  63. repaint cade’s room with his new big boy bed
  64. finish cade’s crochet blanket
  65. repaint and hang the chandelier for the craft area
  66. redo or find new lamps for the rec room
  67. make cade a tent
  68. buy and install a playset in the backyard
  69. go on a family adventure to the blue ridge mountains
  70. make a large art piece with the Orla Kiely paper
  71. make our menu board (and use it!)
  72. make cade a lego puzzle book
  73. make artwork with cade’s scribble drawings
  74. read 25 books – any type
  75. read 5 classics
  76. add the beds and brick work around the new shed
  77. find a barn star for the shed
  78. go to the playground more often
  79. organize the crafting stuff
  80. go visit my brother and his wife in Alaska
  81. start working under my own business name
  82. build/find a new house
  83. sell our current home
  84. find an awesome school for the little man
  85. make cade an abc book
  86. print a yearly picture album for the last few years
  87. try to do project life again
  88. try to do a 30-in-30 month again