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{i want} so, when can I move in….


There are very few times that I find something that someone else has built, made, sewn online that I want to replicate exactly.  And, this little bungalow from The Handmade Home is definitely one of them. I love everything about it, from the roof to the curtains (shower?) to the railing.  Seriously everything!

It reminds me of the little playhouse I used to play in at my great grandmother’s house. It was a tiny little house with cupboards and everything.  It was my mother’s when she was a little girl, and I always remember thinking how cool it was. So, while this may not work for us right now, there is no doubt that someday we are going to build one of these for our little man!

But, until then, I am going to keep drooling over this one!


{i want} a place to start…

:: I want to stop feeling like there is something wrong with me because I don’t fit into clothes from stores where the sizes stop at a size smaller than I am at my healthiest.

:: I want to set a good example for my son about food.

:: I want the image of myself that I see in the mirror to be the same one that shows up in pictures and videos.

:: I want to go back to my high school self with her rocking, strong body and tell her how awesome she was.  Same with my twenty-year old self!

:: I want to still be able to make food that people love.

:: I want to stop believing in the quick fixes.  10, 30, 7 days aren’t going to be the way I get what I want here.

:: I want to stop feeling as though I am carrying the weight of the national health crisis along with every extra pound.

:: I want to see myself as beautiful and important whether I ever lose a pound or not.

:: I want to stop defining myself by my weight.

:: I want to be kinder to myself and love my curves.

:: I want to stop being angry that the foods I love are the problem.

:: I want to see pinterest as what it really is….food porn.

:: I want to stop feeling guilty anytime I eat anything.

:: I want to stop being afraid of food.

:: I want to move again.

:: I want to stop letting other people’s remarks, looks, viewpoints stop me.

:: I want to remember that I am not going to look like a supermodel wherever I end up, and I want to remember that comparing myself to those images of photoshopped women will not help me reach my goal.

:: I want to figure out what my goal is, and more importantly I want to be able to make the decision about what my goal is without arbitrary guidelines never truly meant to measure the individual.

:: I want doctors to stop being rude to me because of my weight.  I have never felt as bullied as I have sitting in front of the people I should feel the most comfortable with.

:: I want to relish in the differences between me and “perfection” and, in the process, change my view of what perfection is.

:: I want to celebrate every pound that I am able to lose, but not beat myself up about every pound that might come back.

:: I want to realize I am worth it.

:: I want to start.