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{microgratitude monday}

Today, I decided to just open a blog post and add to it throughout the day of all the things I am grateful for. A micro look at all the wonderful things I have going on in my life.

  1. I am grateful that the few tiny people I have that actually read this blog wouldn’t hold it against me that 30-in-30 didn’t happen for me this year. Maybe I will try again later and come back to December.  Or, maybe I will decide that December will always be too hard.  We will see.
  2. I am grateful that I found a contractor to do the work we need in the basement that not only is doing the work for a price we can afford but also showed up on time this morning. Like, exactly on time.
  3. I am grateful to have a job that is fulfilling, both mentally and financially. This is important for me to remember in the busy times.  No more complaining about work. I have a job when so many people equally qualified don’t.
  4. I am grateful that despite the fact that the ten step process I explained in my last post isn’t going to work all the people involved in the process are still dedicated to making this happen for us.  That is an amazing gift and a strong focus to keep in mind while we navigate the ups and downs of the process.
  5. Today, I am grateful that my husband and I have the integrity to decide to leave this house better than the way we got it.  Along the way, we could have tried to cover up mistakes and problems that we encountered.  Instead, in every way we can, we take the appropriate action to fix the issue.  We will never get back all the money we put in here, but at least I will be able to sell this house with a clear conscience.