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{30-in-30} turkey day pumpkin goodies

Most years for Thanksgiving, I make my hubby a pumpkin cheesecake very similar to this one. (I do change it a little in that I don’t include the sour cream topping.  We just use more caramel which nicely covers the cracks I am always bound to get!)  I don’t particularly like cheesecake or pumpkin stuff, so it is usually a good thing!  This year, we knew there was already a pumpkin pie coming to dinner, so I decided on something a little different.

Back in October for my brother’s couples shower, I made these cupcakes that I saw on pinterest.  Turns out the recipe was actually  from another site, Made in Melissa’s Kitchen, and they were amazing!  But, they were a little rich, likely because I put a little too much frosting, but the frosting is really the best part, particularly when you don’t love pumpkin stuff.

So, for Thanksgiving, I changed the format and turned them into whoopie pies.  I knew this would work because the cake is pretty sturdy.  But, I didn’t change anything about the recipe, just how I made them.

Pumpkin whoopie pies

I love the picture above because it was completely representative of what happened when I took these little buggers to my mom’s house. Most of them were happily inhaled!


But, there were a few that came home with us that the little man demands with a resounding “GAKE” whenever he sees the plate!  I think I have created a monster, but this recipe is totally a keeper!  And, I really like the change to a whoopie pie because the cupcake batter makes more cupcakes than one batch of the icing covers, but it was perfect for the whoopie pies.

Little man loves them too!