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Thrift Shop Challenge

So, two weeks ago, my “friends” Sherry and John posted their Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge over at Young House Love based on this song.

And, I thought this would be a great time for an adventure. I hadn’t done a little thrifting for a while, and my two best friends both had the day off.  So, we thought it would be fun to hit up a few thrift stores that we hadn’t had a chance to see. The way I looked at the challenge was to head to a thrift store and spend no more than $20 and look for some funky stuff like what he talks about in the song, although we did look for the weirdest stuff we could find. It was a dreary day, threatening rain the whole time, but we had a great time!

So, here are the ladies, Alie and Emily (sorry for the cruddy phone pictures–needed hands free for the digging)!


And, this is the first place we hit up, Community Forklift in Edmonston, Maryland, a local organization much like ReStore where donations are collected for new, used, or vintage building supplies.  We realized this isn’t really a thrift store, but it really depends on your definition.  And, for our DIYing-loving selves, it counted.


We found a ton of cool stuff, and Alie found some old science equipment that she is going to use as decor pieces. I didn’t come home with anything at this stop, but I would have loved one of these guys.  I think they were old rolling room dividers in a previous life. They were all already sold, but I might DIY one sometime.  I think they would be awesome for a chalkboard, particularly if you didn’t want to chalkboard paint a wall in your home.


After a wonderful lunch at a local little place, Busboys and Poets, we headed over to our next stop, Unique Thrift in White Oak, Maryland. I had been to the Unique Thrift in Falls Church before, but hadn’t been to this one. This one is particularly cool because there is a Value Village on the other side of the same space.  Prices for the two were roughly the same; they are just owned by two different people, so you have to check purchases between the two.  A little weird, but it was also very convenient.

And, for $24 (yes, I was over by $4), here is my loot.  Lots of stuff for the little man – two shirts, two trucks, and number foam squares.  Some textiles – two sheets and an awesome pillow case/cover.   And, my favorite find, the the little framed carnival photo. It was a good day, and the challenge helped keep me reined in.


As for the other stuff we found, we start with the obligatory keyboard from the song.


The real ferret or mink or some small gross little animal stole that Alie actually bought to send to her dad for his birthday.  Sounds a little weird, I know, but seriously, her dad will love it.  And, it’s purchase led to our funniest moment of the day when the checkout lady wouldn’t touch it.


But, that wasn’t even the weirdest thing we found. This little number was.


The lovely color and flowered trim was one thing, but the pants or apron (???) the dog is wearing unzipped to say “I love you.”


Which, I have to say, is just weird.  I mean, why would an “I love you” like this need to be hidden? So strange!

Overall, the day was a great one.  I don’t get a chance to see my lovely ladies very often, so a day with both of them is an added bonus.