{home project list}



put in a wrap-around driveway and parking pad in the side yard | get a shed for the side yard | landscape the front yard |clean out the woods | replace the siding* | add trim to the exterior windows | add a slate (or concrete) path around the right side of the house | paint the front door | clean up the front flower bed


more shelves | get all the gardening stuff into the new shed when that happens | get the drainage issue for the air conditioner taken care of | paint the garage floor


add another concrete pad in the corner of the house (with a pergola maybe?)* | clean out woods and clean up fence line | add a cover over the stairs going in the back door


{main area}

finish the trim around room (caulk and paint) | build new benches | finish shuffling the art around

{dining room}

put in the new columns* | add built-in bookshelves like these* | paint the underside of the dining room table and refinish the top | paint the sideboard and hutch | trim the windows out | build a bench for the dining room table

{sitting area}

finish the rug or find one | paint the side table | have the wiring moved for the overhead lighting | replace the boob-lights with these | add the trim to the bookcases or replace the bookcases | move the light switch that interferes with the new bookcases


replace all the kitchen cabinets* |replace the kitchen sink with this one | add bead board to lower cabinets side panels | finish mudding pass through wall | paint chalkboard section | add a back splash | replace the old cabinet above the fridge | add extra storage on the other side of the fridge | paint the kitchen table redo crown topper to eliminate the jumper over the sink | add under cabinet lighting | add light over the sink | add pendant lights over the island | remove the boob-light in the hall and replace with a can light rewired to the kitchen lights | remove the blank ceiling plate to no where | paint the outside of the pantry door

{mud room}

take out the closet wall* | reduce the lights down to one* | add better storage with reduced hang-up storage | paint | add storage for all the cleaning supplies

{family room}

trim out windows & doors | paint all trim | add the board and batten around the room | build the shelves for the family room side of the pass through | stain the top of the entertainment center | move the desktop computer downstairs | clean the carpets



get doors for the laundry area | add all the board and batten trim | look for a new rug | start getting the gallery wall up | add built-in shelves on the ledge | stain the banisters | paint the risers and stair trim

{cade’s room}

replace the trim: baseboards, doors, and windows | clean out and paint closet | add built-ins in closet | put gallery wall up | create abc wall hanging | make curtains

{guest bedroom}

paint the dresser | clean out the closet | hang mirror | find new wall art | move Nana’s old table between the windows | make curtains

{master bedroom}

get art up on the wall | paint and build out both closets (starting with the boy’s) | update all the trim to match the main floor’s new look* or finish what’s still undone from when we replaced the floors | look for rugs for each side of the bed | build our new bed frame base

{master bathroom}

replace tub with this one | redo bathroom layout | add new larger window | replace likely rotten subfloor | update trim | replace tile | create new medicine cabinets similar to this one | add more lighting throughout the room, particularly over the shower | add more storage (either something built-in or a huge cabinet between the tub and shower


{sewing area}

clean, straighten, organize | move table to the center of the room | build door wall | build shelves under the other side of the table | move the changing table to under the table on one side | find a way to make the new awesome ironing board cover work

{rec room area}

level floors* | move the guest bedroom to the office space* | make the current guest bedroom a storage room* | add a wall between the rec room and the back door* | lots of general cleaning and organizing necessary | get rid of the boob lights (put something cool in the craft area)

{office/hope-to-be guest bedroom}

clean up and get rid of junk | move desk into this space and out of craft area | decide what to do with the old computer | move shelf |  paint cabinets we already have white | wall it in* | build a closet*

{guest bedroom/hope-to-be storeroom}

clean it out, so it can be used | curtains | decide which dresser will work best | get rid of the boob light


order simple tub | tile in new shower surround | replace broken floor tiles | paint | hang art

KEY: italicized items are items we have in process | * asterisked items are on the mondo beyondo wishlist for our house!